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Selling Your Home: Where to Begin?
If you are considering selling your home, enlist the help of a Legacy Real Estate & Associates professional who can assist in creating an efficient marketing plan that will get your home sold. Good marketing helps ensure that your property will sell in a timely manner. A good agent should be able to give you valuable advice on how to best meet both these goals.

An effective marketing plan goes a long way in making your home seem a better buy than the next, therefore attracting more potential buyers. Your Legacy Real Estate & Associates real estate professional can help you with advertising, Internet marketing, preparing property flyers, yard signs and more.

Price your home to sell. Homes that are priced within market value sell much faster than those overpriced. Overpricing your home can cause you to miss out potential purchase offers, because buyers may think that you aren’t a serious seller. You should work with your real estate professional to come up with a competitive asking price.

Make a good first impression. The appearance-inside and out-is important to selling your home quickly. Make sure that the yard is well-manicured, bushes and trees are groomed, and the yard is free of debris. On the inside, neutral colors and traditional layouts are thought of as “safe options” that appeal to most buyers.

Your Legacy Real Estate & Associates professional can help suggest ways to “set the stage” and make the property ready for showing.

Leave the house
Give the buyer space. Most real estate professionals agree that a home sells faster when the seller is not present when prospective buyers are viewing the home.

Make your home easily available for showing. If you have a complicated showing procedure-such as needing 24-hour notice for previews, you may cut off a good portion of the buying market.

The Joel M. Padama Real Estate Team
Purchasing your current home has most likely turned out to be the best investment of your life. Because the return on your investment is realized when you sell your home, it is important to choose an experienced, professional agent that will help you maximize your profits. When you choose our team to sell your home, we will guide you through the entire home selling process – from preparing your home for market and accepting the best offer, to guiding you through the entire escrow process.

If you are thinking about selling your property or if you are in the market to purchase a property, let our 30+ years of experience work for you! We are fortunate to have 98.6% of our business come from referrals and existing clientele.

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